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Our services for the oil and gas industry


In our longterm company history, we built up a strong network of local and international customers and partners. As part of our activities combined expertise allowed us to execute and lead projects to success for example in Africa, the USA, the EU and Russia. A special focus of our task is to advise our costumers during the project duration. Our target is to find flexible solutions that meet our customer's expectations in regards to quality, timeline, budget, and transparency at every time.  

Process engineering and optimizations 

We advise our costumers on the process flows in their oil and gas plants. Often the facilites are very old and there is no meaningful documentation. In these cases we scan the as-built situation and generate an intelligent 3D model with all relavant information. On this basis we optimaze the process in close cooperation with the operators using individual and innovative methods. This supports the operators optimally to increase the production and to reach their set goals.


As-built documentation for brown field engineering 

Our in-expertise and innovative methods in precision measurement, laser scanning and building monitoring enable us to georeference existing areas, facilities or units in a high-resolution color point cloud. Based on these data we generate a 3D model like AutoCAD or Mircostation in a native format. In addition to that we transfer the model in an intelligent AVEVA PDMS/ E3D format and can generate all drawings, sections, isometrics or P&ID's. This provides you with the optimum basis for all modifications and revamps on & offshore.

From as-built documentation to manufacturing control

Our quality control guarantees a perfect fitting for all newly manufactured pipe spools. Based on the 3D model and the isometric drawings, we use our laser scanner system to check the actual condition with an accurancy of +/- 2mm and compare it with the desired conditons. With this safety report, including the correct length, orientation of the flange or bolt position, the spools can go offshore for safe installations. 


Planning modifications & revamps without loss of production

The loss of a producation day can easily reach a million of dollars. For that reason minimazing operational downtime and risk in production is a constant concern for operators of onshore and offshore facilities too. Our 3D laser scan surveying services help capture complete as-built field design data without negative impact on production. This is including all underground pipes, foundations and electrical wiring at the highest level of detail. 

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