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Our services for the industry

Industrial surveying with 3D Laserscanning

We can offer several services to the industry. 3D Laserscanning helps to document the as-built conditions of industrial facilities including the enviroment. One of the biggest advantage for operators is that there is no operatal downtime necessary. Thats means that there is no negative effect to your on going production. Hereby we can garantuee that our work will not have any influence to your production and to your turnover. Our laserscan system provides an accuracy of 1mm and also capture all underground pipes foundations and electrical wiring. 

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Modeling in AutoCAD & Microstation

After scanning compaign on site we generate a 3D model as basis for modifications and revamps. Hereby our designer work with an accuracy of +/- 2mm. We can offer a wide range of formats like AutoCAD or Microstation and many more. We deliver a perfect solution for all your construction projects or your "digital factory".

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